2013 Rockwood Roo 23 IKSSS

Outside Photos

It was a pretty good day for taking outside photos, although the time of day was not the best for photography and the 84 deg.F with some humidity was not ideal, but as you can see lots of nice shots of this good looking feature-filled RV.


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Street-side profile 

Dexter TorFlex  Suspension

Dual Axles with 14" aluminum rims and tires

This one had Loadstar Karrier radials

Note the model number - 23 IKSS and the bracket for the TV mounting arm

Three-tread steps - needed as the RV has great ground clearance.

Right (curb-side) front stabilizer 

Dual 20lb propane bottles and lots of room for dual batteries 

Power tongue jack 

Right front quarter view 

Left (street-side) front stabilizer

Oblique front view - not too much vertical height between slideout and awning but it works! 
Left front quarter view

Load and tire capacities 
Left side (larger) slideout

Outside shower, FW fill, cable & satellite jacks, and shore power connection

City water connection and anti-freeze inlet, next to the water heater compartment 

Left rear stabilizer, approx 4" hollow bumper and rear storage door
Spare tire cover appears to be touching the bunk end door - something that can be adjusted

Bunk end door latch 
Tent material is well stitched and attached, even in the corner - I checked!
Tent material is completely attached all the way around

Can you tell I was a little concerned about the awning clearing the right side slideout ?

Furnace exhaust and RVQ propane hose storage 

RVQ mounting arm in stowed position. Right rear stabilizer is shown 

Rear external speaker. The awning is just over that slideout ...

Left rear quarter view 

Aha! The awning came out horizontally and then tilted down to the position shown. Neat! 

Awning all setup. There is about 5 - 6 ft horizontal distance from the slideout to the edge of the awning

The aft awning struts 

Knob for manually adjusting fore-aft slope for additional rain runoff 

 Cable connection under awning with 2 x 120V outlets adjacent
Hydraulic door holdback / damper and door bottom brush type seal. Should deter some bugs.
With this great big awning over the slideout there is no need for a slideout awning on the right side!

Shore power connection 

City water connection and antifreeze inlet 

Water heater - propane and DSI electric 

Corner protectors on the bunk end doors 

 Additional no cost option ....

... raring to go RVing!