2013 Rockwood Roo 23 IKSSS

Inside Photos

The first impression you get is that this is a very large and spacious RV! Then you get to looking around all over the interior and realise, how spacious it really is and how much stuff you can carry in all those drawers and cupboards! I am pretty sure that I would be hard pressed to fill them all.

Again, enjoy!

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The RVQ was still on its styrofoam packing 

Front bunk with storage under and in the nightstand adjacent. Storage on the shelf above also. 

Sofa and dinette in the large street side slideout 

What's this? More cable & satellite jacks in the rear bunk end?! 

The TV can be installed on the back of the linen closet, with the help of some internal reinforcement and another one of those nifty brackets. 

Typical ceiling duct - directional and closeable

Looking toward the rear bunkend 

No need to install a battery disconnect! 

This mesh door is not [easily] opened and leads to the rear storage compartment. I guess the mesh is for ventilation of the compartment ...?

Furnace duct , CO detector, fuse box and battery disconnect pull switch. Furnace is probably in there also.

Fully automatic climate control - nice! 

The wardrobes! Yesss! 

Front wardrobe - lots of room for basket shelves with height to spare for shirts.

Front wardrobe - shelf at top 

Rear wardrobe has no top shelf .... 

.... but has shelves at the bottom 

View looking forward from the rear passageway 

Looking rearward with both slideouts retracted

Double sink has a great cutting board cover 

Great dishwashing station

Create-A-Breeze fan - 3 speed reversible 

Storage under the sofa for beadspreads etc. 

Skylight over the kitchen has a pleated paper shade that did a great job under the Texas high noon sun

Oven has 3 positions for the shelves  

The LCD TV was not set up yet 
Cupboard under the radio-DVD player which has Bluetooth ... hmmmmm ....

Beautiful double door fridge and a great pantry cupboard adjacent

Lots of space in that fridge 

Note the fine woodworking bordering the slideouts 

Ducted AC return inlet register 

Lots of ducts, lights and speakers on the curved ceiling 

Control Centre just inside the doorway 

The sofa is a hide-a-bed! No jacknife sofa here, and the bag holds the air mattress. 

The island that puts the "I" in the model number - LOTS of space for pots and pans.

There is also space for a water filter under the sink - good access for installation too. 
Doors all around means super easy access!
Great counter space and lots of drawer space and another cupboard in the kitchen slideout.
There is that 4-level pantry I mentioned above,

Small bathroom although it has a linen closet and medicine chest 
The second Create-A-Breeze fan is in the bathroom.

Linen closet with mirror. 

Linen close open to show 3 great shelves and great access for reinforcement in case that rear bunkend TV is to be installed.

Shower stall ready for an Oxygenics Bodyspa head! 

Tiny "tub" that looks like it could do with some caulking around the base of the shower enclosure. 

Lots of wall space to hang some lightweight shelves to make up for the lack of bathroom vanity space. 

Medicine chest and  cupboard under sink closed.

And now open. 

Sofa and dinette in the large street side slideout - this time with all the doors above open!

Typical valance over a window. Looks like the rod needs straightening during dealer prep 

Skylight over shower stall. Note the "normal" curtain hooks. You can change out this curtain if you like! 

There is even a drawer under the fridge! 
You'd have to look hard but there is a "Forest River" cutout in the blade of the spatula and also burnished into the handle
Articulating arm can be removed so the TV can be taken outside 

The radio - DVD system 

More storage space. 

Shelf over the front bunk end 

There is a small 1" drop between the wooden part of the bunk end and the door 

Drop causes the mattress to not lay perfectly flat. Should not be hard to correct.

Plug connector for heated mattress

BeauFlor flooring 

Storage under the dinette seats